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Welcome to Stitched by JessaLu!

I hope you can find something here to keep your knitting cozy!

Mad Geek Tour sign ups are open! Go here for more information and to sign up for this round, which is Princess Bride themed!!!

Update on Updates!! Shop is currently OPEN!! However, I am currently prepping for my Spring shows so inventory is limited. I'm sorry for any inconvenience!

When the shop is open, if a print shows 'sold out' then it's sold out (I'm sorry!) and I'm either waiting for the reorder to arrive to restock or I need to do inventory to restock.

If you want a heads up on larger shop updates, please 'like' my page on Facebook and/or follow me on Twitter! You can also follow me on Instagram if you'd like to see my other crafty pursuits and some fabric sneak peeks. :o)

A big THANK YOU to everyone for your patience! Much appreciated! I am only a one-woman business and I can only do so much - I'd say that someday I'll have more help but then my bags wouldn't be 'Stitched by JessaLu' anymore ;o)

If you are new to Big Cartel, don't be nervous! You don't need an account and checkout is through Paypal, just like Etsy!

Click 'Products' to get started!